Miu Miu More advert music (2018)

Desires, obsessions, passions. The needs and loves of the Miu Miu girl – her fashion fantasies, her daydreams – inspire a filmic short in celebration of the holiday period.

An alternate Miu Miu world – a magic ’Miu-niverse’ created by director Gordon von Steiner – is an ode to mid-century art-house and avant-garde movies, a wild choreography of colour and light, intense and illusory, a Miu Miu mania. Impressionistic, abstract, it is peopled with cinematic homages and aesthetic memories, a polychromatic reverie.

Miu Miu More advert music (2018)

Andrea True Connection — More, More, More

Listen on VK — Miu Miu

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